Friday, September 30, 2016

Assignment #2: Simple Block in Two Colors and Three Sizes

Only two people did the assignment. Was it too difficult or too boring? Did the dog eat your homework? 
I am extending it for another week, so let's see something from the rest of you!

Beginning with LuAnn's composition. The one on the right is the finished piece but the one on the left is the work in progress. 

I am showing both because I think the unfinished piece is just wonderful as it stands. Very strong and direct and dynamic. The added borders on the other view don't support the finished work and are sorta gilding the lily.
If I saw the unfinished design (finished of course) in a gallery I would think that this artist was saying that this is just what she means to say, no filly fally.
LuAnn says she is a more is more gal, but her idea was original and looked great with no added extras.

Mary Ann made this piece and in her blog she discussed her frustration. In my opinion she got in trouble with the print. Had this been all solid color it might have been obvious that she needed more variety in scale and more elements (blocks) to repeat. The dark lines of the framing separate the elements and break up the design rather than make it cohesive. The strippy panels work as a more interesting element and perhaps they could have been the simple block.  Still it was a good try.

Thanks to LuAnn and Mary Ann for being good sports and doing the assignment. The rest of you are not off the hook. Send me your designs at fibermania at g mail dot com.


  1. You are doing a fine job! I read everything. I am making changes to my sewing room to incorporate your suggestions. I know you may relate to the angst involved in getting a (40 year old) home downsized, updated and ready for sale. The painting is about done and I look forward to a more relaxed pace for this winter. I shall be working through every step and hope to send in my lessons. Thanks for doing this wonderful class!

  2. I was so excited to see my piece on your blog that I didn't even see the assignment! I read about it on LuAnn's blog. I started a larger piece but I'll put it aside and work on this assignment. I know I'll learn from it.

  3. I got bogged down and a little lost in the restrictions of the assignment. I guess I took it too literally. I need to be working on the things in my head....and if it works within the weekly assignment that's great. For example...I needing to make some banners and artwork for my church...and fusing is the way to go. I love this class. I am learning a lot and still have fun experimenting even if my assignment was a flop.

  4. By the way....thank you so much for the feedback Melody. It's very helpful.

  5. Some of the pictures aren't showing, have broken links and I never saw this assignment, still don't see it on the site! that's why only 2 did it.

  6. Wish I could say I didn't see the assignment, Melody. I greatly appreciate the opportunity you are offering to stretch and learn and the class is great for that. Most of my "normal" work is piecing baby blankets, so my first thoughts were four patch blocks, or flying geese. Then I thought maybe I could do a circle block that could incorporate the lesson on curved piecing. But maybe that's too much. So I overthink and underdo. And I'm preparing for time away, so will only be able to think, but I am following, inspired by what others do, and am determined to keep trying.

  7. The rule that it HAD to be something I could only do fused broke me. I use fusing to make my life easier but I don't worry about whether it COULD be done another way. I just worry about whether I am enjoying what I am doing.

  8. I have the same problems as Laceflower.

  9. I have the same problems as Laceflower.

  10. Life has really gotten in the way lately and I'm so behind on this class--sorry! But I plan to work through all the lessons. It will take me a bit, but I'll get there and I'm so appreciative of your class. Don't give up on us slowpokes--we're still here! (And I'm a little intimidated about emailing my work to the master, to tell you the truth.)

    I'm having trouble seeing the pictures on this last post (only the first one shows).

  11. Hey we are learning something.....we are really getting to the meat of things! I am enjoying your remarks and learning from them. Sometimes I know things aren't working, but I don't know why or what I can do to make them work. It is good to hear what you have to say about each design, why things work and why they don't. I am absorbing this class like a sponge. Many thanks for your time and teaching talents, LuAnn in Oregon



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