Friday, September 23, 2016

Assignment Results

 Your assignment was to create a composition that could best be done (sensibly) by fusing.

 Kinga Soni made this composition before the assignment was announced, but I felt I had to point it out to you as an example of taking the essentials and using them ALL in a wonderful whimsical piece. Note the background curves echoed in the round posies, and the curving stems also following the curve. This is a great example of reiteration of design elements. Also the lovely strips top and bottom which overlap the edges, a trick fusing is so good at doing. A few wonderful dots and leaf shapes, plus strip pieced wavy lines, and swoon...hand embroidery.
Well done!
 Susan Turney used a gorgeous Southwestern palette for her floral piece. The intricate scissor work is just the sort of thing that fusing does so well. She also made use of curved sections and highlighted them with beautifully elegant quilting. This is a perfect example of letting the fabric do the work for you, as well as less is more. A quilt worthy of hanging in a gallery.

LuAnn Kessi made this asymmetrical work, using wavy borders, (nice!) and lots of skinny lines on the side panel. People will wonder if she pieced those squares, but we know better. Great use of primaries, and of course a central stack under the intricately cut leaf shape. This is not her first rodeo.

MaryAnn Shupe jumped right out of the box with her woven strips piece, including photocopied muslin calligraphy, fuse-wrapping a canvas with fabric and adding a fused circle and a button. This is only 5x5". She shows step by step how she did this on her blog:
I am way impressed. 

Thank you for your great work and now for the next assignment. 
Design or choose a simple block, using two colors (you may use multiple values of the same color) and make it in small, medium and large, and use it in a composition. Again, email me your photo to fibermania at g mail dot com.
Best Wishes.


  1. Melody, thank you so much for your kind words! I have enjoyed this class so much and thank you again and again for your generosity in offering it. You've really inspired me to make more quilts and I have a big one in the works now. Your pattern making methods make it so much easier!

  2. Thank you Melody for your support and your inspiration and most of all for Sharing What YOU know! I have always had a love affair with fusing but you have given me permission to go anywhere I want to with it. You are a peach of a girl.
    Wishing You continued Success in all You do,
    LuAnn in Oregon

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  5. They are all wonderful!!!! Kudos to a great instructor!!

  6. Thank you so much for this amazing course.I learned so much, especially in how to finish a piece. It makes all the difference.I have been following your blog and during the years I kept learning from you about color and composition. I love the little details, like mounting quilts on wooden box, or using the self threading needle (what a blessing). Also my goal is to do less and get more out of a piece, so I am excited about next weeks assignment for this reason. I work full time and travel, hopefully I can still do the assignment.Thanks for this great course. You are surely an inspiration.Kinga Soni



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